“To see the beauty that lies in front of us Everyday that we take for granted”.

It all started one day when I was looking at a silhouette bird that was Sitting on a telephone wire. As I gazed upon this small bird I started to feel the sense of freedom the bird has and also saw the beauty of a picture it created just before it flew away. In that moment before the bird spread his wings and flew away, it made me think that people take the beauty of everyday for granted. We see it everywhere but never stop to admire what it represents.

With a moment of such beauty the concept Greyline started. The horizontal greyline represents the bird on the telephone wire which inspired the name “Greyline”.

Since then I always strive to recreate and reflect that beauty I saw in that moment before the small bird disappeared into the sun.

My vision in photography is having the freedom of creating an artistic moment in time.